09.15am                   Pilates

2.00pm                     Seated Exercise ( including a cuppa) 

5.00 - 6.00               Pilates

6.15pm                     Pilates 

7.30pm                      Aerobics 


9.15am                      Pilates 

10.30am                    Seated exercise (including a cuppa)

5.00pm                     Pilates

6.15pm                    Pilates   

7.30pm                    Aerobics 

Prices: All Pilates classes ( except seated) are pre-book ONLY. Unless otherwise stated they run for one hour.

Pilates  £45 for an 8 week course

Seated Exercise  £5 ( paid in chunks of £30 or cash each week) No need to pre-book

Aerobics £5 per adult , £3 per teenager. Cash. 

No classes run on Bank Holidays.


VENUE: Clifton Community Centre, Whiston cres, Clifton. (See directions tab) for all classes 



These are the dates when classes are NOT operating from now until September


30th May and 2nd June
Monday 13th June and Thursday 16th June
Thursday 14th July (Monday 11th July on as normal)
Regular classes will stop (as they always do) for the summer from Monday 25th July and will restart on Monday 5th September.
I I am considering running one off pre-book classes (i.e. not part of a course) for two weeks at the end of August. Info on this to follow.