During the CoronaVirus pandemic I ran Facebook Live classes. To access them just LIKE my facebook group and you can see them at the time or watch the recordings. The recordings are in the tabs at the top of the page. Wake up!  will appear on the aerobics page.

A few notes:-

  • As with all exercise classes please make sure you are well and are able to take part in the classes. If you have any concerns about this please talk to your GP. 
  • Children can take part but please make sure they are safe.
  • Check your surroundings so you don't fall over anything. 
  • Wear exercise style clothing, trainers and a sports bra.
  • Have a bottle of water with you.
  • Stop if you need a rest.
  • Have fun!

The classes are targeted at different groups as follows:-

Wake up!  ( 20 mins) This class runs at 9am and is an aerobic exercise style class aimed at beginner/intermediate participants. The class does not require any equipment but you might like a towel or mat to lie on. This class would suit the over 50s or anyone who might want to exercise but keep the intensity fairly low.

Pilates for all  ( 30 mins + 5 mins relaxation) As the name suggest this suits all levels of participants but does involve lying on the floor so if this is hard for you I'd suggest you only do the standing elements. You might like a towel or mat to lie on. No other equipment is needed. 

Fit & Fast!  ( 20 mins)  This class does what it says! Fast aerobic moves with conditioning too. You might want a mat and you will need a drink! 

Super Seated Exercise  ( 20 mins) This class is for people who find getting down to the floor a struggle but still want to exercise. We will use pilates and aerobics style exercise to strengthen our muscles, improve balance and have fun! There may even be some singing!  You will need a kitchen style chair.  Note: If you have medical issues please be sensible.

Pilates Intermediate  ( 30 mins + 5 mins relaxation) Working at higher levels than our Pilates For All Class we will get stretched and strengthened. You'll need a mat.

Bitesize Pilates ( 15 mins) A shorter version of Pilates For All. 


You don't have to have any fitness equipment for my classes but you can use household items such as those below if you like:-

  • A cushion for Pilates
  • A yoga mat or towel or rug
  • Weights of you own any. If not you can use :-
    • Tinned food cans
    • Filed water bottles
    • see this article for more inspiration www.wikihow  search 'How to make a homemade weight'.