Due to personal reasons there won't be any classes on Friday 23rd February. 


"I love coming to my exercise class and by attending regularly I have really started to see the benefits to my fitness and tone."


"Always fun - Tessa makes exercise more enjoyable!"



I run exercise classes in Clifton, Bedfordshire. It's FUN, LOCAL EXERCISE that WORKS!  

Come along to my classes and you will

  • Lose fat
  • Tone up
  • Stretch
  • Have fun
  • Learn how to stay fit and healthy from an expert, trained & experienced instructor 

 My Clifton classes have been running for over ten years now and throughout that time I have aimed to make them inclusive, effective and fun. 

You don't need to prebook or prepay for Aerobics - just come along with a bottle of water and with some simple sports gear on. Lycra is definitely NOT compulsory! The classes are mainly female (we do have the odd brave man) and participants' ages run from 13 to 70 ish. We are all shapes, sizes and fitness levels. Everyone is welcome. 

 Fitness Pilates is mixed too but does tend to be mainly ladies. To improve flexibility, increase strength (especially tummies and backs) and also relax a little this class is perfect. Again a free trial is available if you'd like to try it. (Book with Tessa)

Seated Pilates is my new class starting in September 2017. This simple fun mixed class uses seated and standing exercises to improve your strength and balance to aid everyday living. I'm running two free sessions in August so you can have a try - see the Seated Pilates page for lots more information.


If you have a medical condition it is wise to check with your GP before coming to my classes and make sure you tell me about it too - this is not to stop you coming but just to help me adapt the exercises if necessary.


So if you want to lose some weight, tone up or just have some fun then why not come along and have a go?


See you soon!


Tessa x  

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