Class descriptions 

Aerobics Class  - £5 per person. £3 teenagers.45 minutes.

This class is a fun and lively exercise class with options for all fitness levels. The aerobic section is followed by floor exercises to tone tummy, bottom & legs.  We burn calories, strengthen muscles, tone up and also stretch - an all round fitness class.

Ideal for all fitness levels and especially good for those returning to exercise or feeling a bit under confident. 

Aerobics classes are especially suitable for beginners so don't be shy - give it a go!


Pilates class - PRE PAY course. £45 for 8 weeks

Using Pilates inspired moves we will work to increase our strength, balance and flexibility. The class is barefooted and we use the floor as well as standing moves. Prepare to lengthen, strengthen and relax.

Pre-book is essential as there are a limited number  of places. Pilates is a progressive style of exercise and you will benefit from a regular weekly class.

Suitable for all levels and ages. Not suitable if you have a chronic muscular/ bone condition or are pregnant. All participants will need to be able to lie on their fronts and backs and be able to move from floor to standing without assistance.

Seated Pilates class -  £5 per week payable in chunks of £30 or cash each week.

60 minutes long including a cuppa

This simple fun class using seated and standing exercises will improve your strength and balance to aid everyday living.

Seated Exercise uses elements of Pilates but done in in a chair. The class is ideal for clients who would find it difficult to spend an hour on the mat or would have difficulty moving into different positions on the floor. The class will focus on core exercises to strengthen the spine, increase strength and mobility of the joints in order to improve the function of the body in daily tasks. We will use a combination of small props; these props support chair based exercises and provide the body with feedback during the movements. As well as Pilates-inspired moves as also do some aerobic - style activity ( chairobics I guess !) . 

All ages and fitness levels are welcome.

No classes on Bank Holidays