Monday Club 

Weekly support to help you reach your health and fitness goals. 

Monday Club 
Week 3 26/9/22

A. This week I’d like you to focus on your activity levels .

1. Increase your weekly steps by 20%. So if you have been walking an average of 6000 steps a day that increases your target to 7,200. ( if you are measuring your steps by time then walk for 20% longer )

2. Squat challenge . This week I want you to do 20 squats every day. 
Technique: feet shoulder width apart. Squat down to get your bottom almost to a chair and then stand up. All movements are slow. To work harder work even slower . 

B. This week keep logging your food and keep the target weight loss at 1/2 lb per week. 

3 meals a day
Close kitchen after dinner
5 a day fruit and veg 
Drink 5 glasses of water daily 
Plan your meals in advance to avoid poor decisions 

Keep at it everyone … it takes time to get eating habits back in to line . 

Remember that we all ‘fall off the wagon ‘ from time to time so don’t write that whole day off. Make the next thing you eat something healthy!

Using your smart phone or similar device record your daily steps. I want you to know what your weekly average steps are. 

Keep at it !

( I’m publishing this on Sunday evenings from now on so you are off and running from first thing each Monday morning )  #healthyeating #fitness #wellness #mindfuleating

Spend 10 minutes watching this video about exercise/activity ... it could change your life!

 Physiotherapy /health contacts:


Sports and Remedial massage               

Shefford Osteopathic clinic                                01462 811006



Shefford Osteopathic clinic                                 01462 811006    


Podiatry and Chiropody care                  

Shefford Footcare Clinic                                       01462 815682

Pelvic Physiotherapy - perfect if you have continence or related pelvic issues ( man and women)

Victoria Muir , Bedford                                     07510 916900              



 Many magazines are full of celebs and general interest stuff but if you'd like a Fitness biased magazine then try

Women's Fitness - available from WHSmith, Asda etc.

£3.60 or for subscription deals go to their website




Try for very sensible eating and exercsie advise. You can even join up online and to give you support if you are planning to lose some weight. This is another valuable site with diet and exercise advise for all. It is free to join and you can take on their monthly fitness challenges.

For fitness training programmes see where you can follow their plans to get you from a non-runner to a marathon runner! Swimming and rowing are other options and there are lots of useful tips for healthy eating and activity.

Urinary incontinence  - helpful websites