This class is a fun and lively exercise class with options for all fitness levels. The aerobic section is followed by floor exercises to tone tummy, bottom & legs. We burn calories, strengthen muscles, tone up and also stretch - an all round fitness class.

Ideal for beginner and intermediate exercisers.


Venue: Clifton Community Centre, Whiston Cres, Clifton.

Mondays 7.30pm - 8.15pm

Thursdays 7.30pm-8.15pm

£4.50 per class and only £2.50 for teenagers. No need to prebook.

Prices are going up fro 1/9/18 to £5 per adult and £3 for teenagers.



All classes are running normally (see poster for exceptions) up to an including Friday 20th July.

Then the timetable is different -

23rd July – 31st July                      No classes

Thursday 2nd August                     6.15pm   Fitness Pilates

                                                  7.30pm   Aerobics

 Friday 3rd August                         3.30pm   Seated Pilates

                                                  5.00pm   Fitness Pilates

6th August – 10th August            No classes

Monday 13th August                      6.15pm   Fitness Pilates

               7.30pm   Aerobics

Tuesday 14th August                    9.30am  Fitness Pilates

15th and 16th August                      No classes

20th – 24th August                           No classes

Monday 27th August                      Bank holiday - no classes       

 Tuesday 28th August                    9.30am  Fitness Pilates

 Thursday 30th August                  9.30am  Fitness Pilates

                                                  6.15pm  Fitness Pilates

                                                  7.30pm Aerobics

Friday 31st August                        3.30pm  Seated Pilates

                                                   5.00pm  Fitness Pilates

 3rd – 7th September                       No classes

 Monday 10th September          All classes back to normal

 During August all classes are pre-book and will only run if a minimum of 10 people sign up for each class. Once 10 people are signed up and pre-paid then the class will run and people can drop in without pre-booking.

 Pilates : Pre-book charge is £5. Drop in cost is £6.

Aerobics: Pre-book charge is £4.50. Drop in is £5.

"I think Tessa achieves a good atmosphere in the classes - they are friendly and cater for all levels."


Fun on Thursday as we got in to the proper Festive Mood!

Above : our aerobics session on Thursday ..we use pompoms and other equipment from time to time for fun!

Aerobics exercises 

Use these exercise sheets 2 - 3 times a week to get a strong and flatter stomach plus toned arms. 

Tessa's Tummy Tighteners.tif Tessa's Tummy Tighteners.tif
Size : 11657.277 Kb
Type : tif
Tessa'sArm Toners.tif Tessa'sArm Toners.tif
Size : 11657.277 Kb
Type : tif

Or try these videos.... 

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